Special Features of SSB coaching

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Special Features of SSB Coaching In Our Academy

Why should you join Kargil Soldier’s Academy ?


  • Constantly updating its methods of teaching and matching with the latest trends in SSB centers.
  • We have a team who have previously served in SSB Centers.
  • Since, its establishment, it has the honor of sending more than 132+ officers and 854 other ranks in defense forces till date and counting, for latest figure please watch Newsbar on homepage.
  • We provide ample practice for Lecturette and Group Discussion on current topics popular with SSB’s and ensure students practice to perfection.
  • Free Refresher course at any time to previously enrolled students.


  1.  LEARN FROM EXPERTS:- Being one of the oldest exclusive academy specializing only in defense forces. The Kargil Soldier’s Academy has unmatched faculty consisting of senior officers who had the distinct advantage of evolving and updating its teaching techniques and infrastructure, Matching the latest developments in SSB interview centers. We have a team of officers who are Ex- SSB/trained Presidents, GTOs and Psychologists from Army, Navy and Air Force guiding you towards success.
  2. MOCK TEST ON FIRST DAY:-The Candidate faces a Mock Test soon after arrival and based on the result, he is trained and guided according to his / her personality.
  3. IDENTIFYING PROBLEM AREA’s:-  The Kargil Soldier’s Academy Faculty help students identify their shortcomings through repetitive practice and guidance. Personal sessions with the Interviewing officers, GTOs and Psychologists help the candidate in overcoming those shortcomings.
  1. SIMULATED SSB TEST:-The candidates are put through the entire procedure of SSB twice in 14 days especially for TAT, WAT, SRT and SD including a personal interview. Time management and self-discipline are injected in the veins of the candidates.
  2. ROTE MEMORY/BOOKS DON’T HELP:-Rote memory from available books/ material from online platforms are misleading as personal coaching along with practical training is a must which is available in coaching academies.
  3. How Coaching Helps:-The Kargil Soldier’s Academy provides realistic and progressive training and feedback is given to every candidate at the end of each task. The Kargil Soldiers Academy candidate experience the group dynamics learns the behavior and performance of the peer group and candidates are familiarized with designed factors of GTO test which cannot be understood from books/online platforms.
  4. BEST RESULTS:- The Kargil Soldier’s Academy has the distinct honor of sending more than 132+ officers to IMA, OTA, NDA, Naval, Air-Force and Coast Guard academies and more than 854+ soldiers entries for Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard.
  1. REFRESHER COURSE:-The Kargil Soldier’s Academy gives you an option of undergoing a five days refresher course, free of cost. Our success rate speaks for itself.


why should you join us ?

We have the best facilities for training.

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