SSB Training

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SSB Interview Procedure

SSB is a five days interview schedule


First day: – Screening Test or Stage Test – I

  1. Filling in the Personal Particulars in the forms supplied by the SSB Centre.

Allotment of Chest Numbers.

  1. Intelligence Test OIR (Officers Intelligence Rating – Verbal and Non Verbal).
  2. PPDT Test (Picture Perception and Description Test)

Followed by Group Discussion.

  1. Screening in conference – Candidates who qualify in Stage Test – I will undergo Stage Test – II for

nextfour days, rest candidates will be returned.



Second day: – Psychologist’s tests

  1. Thematic Apperception Test – Story Writing Test (TAT)
  2. Word Association Test (WAT)
  3. Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  4. Self Description Test (SD)


Third day  – GTO Tasks and Interviews

  1. Group Discussion
  2. Military Planning
  3. Progressive Group Tasks
  4. Inter Group Obstacle Race or Snake Race
  5. Half Group Task.
  6. Lecturette
  7. Interview of some candidates by President/DeputyPresident


Fourth day – GTO Tasks and Interviews

  1. Final Group Task
  2. Individual Obstacles
  3. Command Task
  4. Interview of the remaining candidate.

Fifth day

Final Board conference is held and the results are announced. Each candidate appears for a couple of minutes before the entire Board assembled in the Conference room. Here, he is asked a few general questions. Those who are selected are asked to stay for 5 to 6 days for their medical examination.

Note– Most of the candidates are facing the problem of screened out, where most of them are not able to project themselves and are not allowed to face stage test – II. It is nowadays seen approximately 90% candidates are rejected on the very first day. Therefore one must go fully prepared. Flow Chart of SSB is given below :


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